Important FAQ’s pertaining to carpet

Choosing your flooring is an important and deeply personal decision, especially when it comes to carpet. This isn’t something you’ll want to replace or purchase again a few years down the road, so you’ll want to do as much research as possible, and likely, you already have.

We have a few FAQ’s that often are brought up by those choosing their first flooring of this type. It’s our hope that they will help you as you go on your floor covering search to find what’s exactly right for you.

At Friendly Floors, we want to make sure you have a flooring that not only suits your every need, but also looks great in your home. We serve Port Charlotte, FL and surrounding areas and invite you to stop by our showroom, located in Port Charlotte, FL, at your convenience. Our flooring professionals will be happy to assist you in find the absolutely perfect floors for your home and your needs.

I’d love to have new carpet, but I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions? We invite you to start your search with Friendly Floors. With more than 31 years of experience, we know a thing or two about flooring materials, and we have a track record for long-term relationships with our wonderful customers.

Will this material affect my air quality or cause allergies? It has been a long-standing fear that carpeting is the worst possible choice for homeowners that suffer from allergies. However, many of today’s fibers are manufactured with hypoallergenic fibers that trap allergens and help keep them out of the air you breathe. Many new carpets do have a bit of an odor, but that usually disappears within the first day if the room is well ventilated.

Can I skimp on the padding to save some money? While many people go this route, especially when attempting a do-it-yourself installation, we have to warn against it. The padding is one of the main factors in the long life span of your flooring, and removing it from the equation can cause you to have to replace it far sooner than you would otherwise have had to. This actually costs you more money, and sooner than you should have to do so.

We hope that these questions have helped. However, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us with all your carpet questions.


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