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Friendly Floors professional carpet installation ensures good looks and long-lasting flooring at affordable cost

Carpet installation may seem easy enough to do, but it can be difficult to do properly, especially on staircases or if seams are required. Friendly Floors knows that while carpet installation may seem easy enough in a perfectly square or rectangular room, it can be better done by professionals if there are to be seamed, or on stairways. Carpet installation is not for a DIY project. In addition, carpet is generally supplied in large 12-foot widths that come in heavy, hard-to-manage rolls that can be a challenge for do-it-yourselfers to move about and position, especially in smaller rooms. Friendly Floors has been installing carpets for homeowners in Port Charlotte, Charlotte County, and other nearby Florida areas for many years. Our carpet installation professionals are State licensed and insured for your protection. This ensures that you’ll receive a top-quality, long-lasting new floor that your family members and guests will enjoy for many years to come.

Professional carpet installation makes good sense

The goal in any proper carpet installation is a proper fit in the floor area so that the carpet won’t be too loose or too tight. Carpet that is not tight enough can develop lumps or bumps that become ‘tripping’ hazards and also result in unnecessary wear that reduces useable lifespan. Carpet that is too tight will suffer sooner from wear caused by foot traffic, moving heavy furniture about, pet activity, and more. If the carpet is being installed with a carpet pad, the first step is to place a wooden tack strip around the room’s perimeter. This strip is nailed down on the sub-floor with the tack points facing toward the walls. The carpet is then stretched over the tack strips which hold it firmly in place. These strips must be mounted as far away from each wall as the carpet is thick. The carpet pad itself is placed to completely fill the area inside the tack strips, trimmed with a knife and then stapled down on the sub-floor. All these actions should be accurately performed to ensure that the carpet fits properly. The stretching itself is done using carpet stretcher and carpet kicker tools that can be tricky indeed to use properly if you’re not a professional.



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Carpet installation with seams require special attention

Professional carpet installation people place seams in low traffic, low-visibility areas of the room. The seams are carefully cut and joined together with seaming tape made for this purpose, which is then treated with a steaming iron to melt the adhesive on the tape. Making a proper seam is not simple for an inexperienced person. Staircase carpeting is extremely hard to due for non-professionals, and it must be done exactly right to avoid future trips and falls by family members or guests. This is definitely a job for a professional to prevent any safety hazards on the staircase. Need more information? Telephone us, e-mail us, or stop by to discuss your need for carpet installation with one of our experts.